Monday, August 13, 2007

Long Lost Friend

I have this friend named Kaye. I met her on my first year of highschool and everyone was making a big fuss out of the fact that she just moved back to the Philippines from California. And then we became friends. Then after second year high, she had to move back to CA for the reason I don't know. We hardly communicated since coz she's busy too.

Then on my first year of college I received an email that she's visiting Philippines again for a few weeks, so we catched up and spent some time together. It's as if we were never separated at all. Unfortunately, she visited the Philippines coz she's going in the US Air Force once she gets back to the US. I knew there'd hardly be communication again but even so, I left her my email address and stuff. And then, my email account got hacked. Sheesh.

Never heard anything from her since then, I knew she must've been to busy training for the Air Force and didn't have the time. And lately, since I've been flying to the US and somehow been to alot of cities in CA, I decided to try to find where she was. I don't even know which city she's in to start with! I tried looking her up on Friendster but it gave me an old account she once used and is no longer active. I even tried looking her up on the yellow pages, but still, no luck.

Then about two weeks ago, a common friend added me on Friendster so I tried asking her on the whereabouts of Kaye. She says she doesn't know if she's active online but she has added her on Friendster too. I added her up and sent a message just in case she'd be online and check her friendster. Left my new YM id too, just in case. Fingers crossed.

So she did reply eventually saying she'd been trying to find me too, for the longest time, but since I've had new email/IM accounts, we've never been able to find one another. I gave her my US mobile number and she gave me hers. And then she mentions, "but I'm still here in Korea and I don't know when I'm moving back.."

I was like, "Whaaat? You're in Korea? Are you anywhere near Seoul? Please tell me you are coz I am!" To the surprise of our lives, we've been in the same country for the exact duration of time: she got here September last year; that's the month I started flying! What the heck?!

Anyway, she's been based here since last year and the US base is about 2-3 hours away from where I am. And we're meeting up soon. :)

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