Monday, February 27, 2006

Extended Unwanted Vacation

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Yesterday was my first time to eat a Double Cheeseburger from McDonald's, and it was great. (Or maybe I was just really starving?) So when I got home from work at around 9am, I just had a few spoonfuls of the meal served to me and then slept. Again, I slept and slept. I got up by 2pm since our room is so warm, I went downstairs and slept on the sofa. They were trying to wake me up by 5pm to get me ready to hear mass but I won't budge so they left me behind. Next thing I remember was they woke me up for me to go back to my room instead of spending the night on the sofa. It was 11pm.

Almost sleep-walking towards my bedroom, I one-eyed-ly checked on my phone which said, 12 messages received. Most were coup safety reminders and the rest were about no classes as declared by Bunye. So it indeed was true! Classes are suspended. Again. Argh! My hopes of wrapping up the stress factors by this week might be impossible. I don't even know if the final exams would still start tomorrow as it was scheduled before all these happened. Anyway, I slept again.

I woke up to a crying Yana with Anna (our househelp) trying to calm her down. I peered through my Tigger blanket and saw that it was 7am. I got up and got the baby and we went downstairs. While Anna was preparing my breakfast, I was feeding the baby (I wasn't breastfeeding of course!!). After I had placed Yana safely on her crib, I ate like nine chicken wings for breakfast--it was supposedly my yesterday's lunch, which became my supposed dinner and now it's breakfast--sans the rice since I decided to go on the low carb diet again. I heard that the pills I'm taking would make me fat so I'd better start a good diet before it's too late.

Logged in online with YM and my newly downloaded MSN messenger version 7.5, and proceeded to checking my mail--all three accounts. Huge thanks to my Yahoo birthday reminders, I almost forgot that it's my good friend Jhen's birthday today! Happy 21st, Jhen! And on my Hotmail account, I got cute email attachments from Shelley, who apparently got them from Nong and sent it to Suttilux (the last two people mentioned are part of Thailand's table tennis team). Here's one of them, parang bagay sakin?

I firmly believe on this! Haha. *mushy mode* I had been chatting with somebody about this very topic a few nights ago! Anyway, here's another of the cute attachments with Thai inscriptions.

*Ahem Niko!* Haha.. Joke. Okay I gotta bounce, Yana's crying on the top of her lungs again. And her puyat mom is still up there, asleep.

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