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Happy Valentine's Day everyone. My greeting is a bit late since I went to school straight from work (I was wearing red! Silly.) and then had lots of group meetings again. I was so wasted really, good thing my parents went to SM San Lazaro so I just went there and slept in the car on the way home. (Add-on: My dad bought a peach rose for each of the girls in the family plus our fave chocolates! And I bought myself a pair of sunglasses, VDay gift for myself.)

Immediately falling into a deep slumber, I had to remind myself to wake up at around 6.30 so that I'd be able to have my dinner and then it's boyfriend time at 7pm. Yep it's what I call the hours that I spend online chatting with my boyfriend from the other side of the continent ha-ha. I appreciate that he 'celebrates' with me eventhough there really are no such things in China. For example, Christmas. He called Christmas eve, 12mn, to greet me. Then the non-Chinese New Year. And now, Valentine's day. As mentioned in a previous post, they've got another day for celebrating love. (I know the exact date now!) It's on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. For 2006, it falls on the 30th of July.

Call me mababaw but him 'celebrating' with me online is enough to make me happy and perked up eventhough I'm supposed to be crawling on the floor due to stress and lack of sleep. Ahem! Mushy mode? ;] Well a smile is priceless compared to a bouquet or a box of chocolates, aite? NO, I did not say that I don't like receiving flowers and sweets. HAHA.

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day, with or without a specific special someone. It's about love. And as we always say in the classroom, love "...is everywhere!" Mwah!

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