Monday, February 06, 2006

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I'm disappointed because I went online yesterday as soon as I woke up [that's 8pm] because we're supposed to meet online around that time. And when I checked my mail I saw that he's been online half an hour earlier... So I quickly sent a message stating that I am indeed online and asking if he still is. I got no reply for about 30 minutes or so. I was convinced he left already and so sent another message, then logged off.

Well yea it's disappointing because I checked my mail tonight and whoa, he was still online when I sent the second message to which he replied, and still was online until 9pm. Boo-hoo! I can't forgive myself for logging off that fast (half an hour?! I usually spend a minimum of 1hour on the net!)

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Valentine's Day is near already and of course what's so special about my Valentine's Day if my Valentine is not around? Wala. Hahaha... *mushy* Anyway I hear that China's got another Valentine's Day--the traditional date when they celebrate Hearts Day--although they're already somewhat Westernized and is also celebrating February 14. The traditional one's got a story behind, and I still do not know when's that. Okay I'm out to tell you the story.

So there's this guy and an angel, fell in love with each other and had two kids. The 'headmaster' of angels found out about this and got mad so he took the angel back to the sky. He said that they'll only be allowed to see each other once a year (that's the date) with the guy bringing his kids and himself up to the sky by traveling through the clouds. And it always rains on that day since the couple would cry in happiness because they saw each other again, and also because they'd be separated again for another year. Aios. So ano ang moral lesson ng kwento? Ewan. Tinatanong ko nga eh. Joke.

Anyway I'm thinking of sending him a gift or whatever for Valentine's Day but I still can't figure out what to give him. Suggestions? Saka kase ales na sha on 15th. Off to Macau for pingpong training *sheesh*.

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Speaking of angels, here's our little angel... :) Yana as we call her, she's Christie Ann Naval. The eyes of Kitchie Nadal, the nose of her mom and the lips of I don't know who. ...Oh and cute ears like Ewoks. Hahaha.

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