Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dead on Arrival (almost!)
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Yesterday I woke up at five in the morning to prepare and be able to reach school by seven. Classes ended at 2pm, and we stayed on for multiple group meetings. (Three group meetings, consecutively! Ahhgghh! I'm having the graduating-soon-but-not-so-sure pressure!) I was able to leave the university at 6pm (I cannot believe this...) and due to insufficient time, I headed to the office already. Decided to take the LRT since a UST to Buendia FX ride might consume hours since it's rush hour and Quiapo day.

Nonetheless, the travel time was still over an hour! I was really really tired and sleepy and I knew it coz the signs were showing.

- My eyebrows are raised in order to pull my eyelids and keep them up!

- I boarded the first LRT train that came along--and it's 6:40pm, that means full body contact with fellow passengers, terribly warm airconditioned train, and most of all, not enough oxygen to breathe--just so I'd be at the office on the soonest possible time.

- My patience is absent. I got irritated with the smallest things and even the things that don't concern me at all. Examples. I paid P6.00 for the jeepney ride from Taft to Ayala avenues and the driver yelled, "Kanino 'to, ba't sais lang?!" To which I yelled back, "Studyante NGA e," condescendingly. Gawk! I already mentioned that naman kase and I was still in my white uniform (turned dirty white) pa! Also, I got irritated on two rural ladies who were chatting so loudly while aboard the jeepney; what's more, one of them kept saying "Bil-Ehr" when mentioning "Bel-Air"! (I told you I got irritated even if it's absolutely none of my business...)

- I was unable to greet the manong guard nicely.

- Little miss terrible migraine started making herself felt. Upon arriving at the office, I changed into clean clothes and headed for the sleep room to grab a few hours of sleep before my 9pm shift. Unfortunately, since I already have migraine, I wasn't able to sleep a wink. Off I go to my 9pm shift without even having dinner, just an Advil.

Look, I woke up at 5am and my shift ended 5am, and I wasn't able to sleep. Tough, eh? There's more. After my shift, I headed back to school (in my casual clothes sans shower/bath!) to meet with my groupmates in one of our subjects. Oh geez... I looked so terrible, like a monkey high with drugs, wearing rags and dragging herself to the place.

I reached home at about 3pm, dying to reunite with my bed and pillows. And now, I just woke up.

+ + +

I intended to send a Valentine's card yesterday afternoon through UST Post Office. I asked the girl at the PO about their closing time and she said, "Five." So I went on with my group meetings and proceeded to the PO by 4:30. Locked. Undertime! Grrrr... Hope trampled upon.

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