Saturday, February 04, 2006

Got Sale?
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It's been a few weeks since I officially started taking live calls. I've had a few irate callers and a few good people to speak to, not to mention sales. (Trina's got a saaaaaale!!) The biggest thing about it was the schedule which Jal dubbed as PKP as in Patay Kung Patay. Most of us part time eReps are working on this kind of schedule, though we 'chose' our schedule, we can't do anything much about it since most are working or schooling still. I miss my batchmates (part timers) since we don't usually get to see each other that often coz we have different shifts (of course!). My schedule is actually light compared to other's, like Hannah's. I just work: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1am-5am; Fridays (to Saturdays) 9pm-12mn, 1am-5am; and Sundays 1am-8am. That's just 22 hours I think.

And actually I got my first pay already! Yahoo!!! But according to our soon-to-be lawyer batchmate Philippe (I call him Philippie) the computation for the salary is erroneous so we're hoping to get more. Yipee!!

Honest to goodness, in as much as I enjoy working with my team (pronounce that as teee-yim according to, still, Philippie) and my batchmates, I personally--as of the moment--do not recommend this kind of work to someone who's not into sales (like ME!). I mean, really, it gets boring at times because you know for yourself that you've got to make a sale...but what can I do I just am not a hard-seller? Sometimes I just can't be pushy when it's against my ethical chuva to do so; sometimes I just happen to understand the customer's situation so I can't really tell him "blah blah get this and get that now"... When I signed the contract for this I thought I was actually gonna be in a Customer Service department--well, that's what they actually call it for heaven's sake, it's just that there's sales incorporated--but as it turns out, we are the Sales department, and the Customer Service department is in another contact center just a few blocks from our building! Well this may just be for the account I'm under, by the way.

Okay enough of that. In any environment, we tend to have fun among ourselves and if that's not enough, we make fun out of other people. Right? Cmon, don't be denial kings and queens. Well anyway, at the operations floor, we have a few characters already. There's Joel in the Palace. Joel's our batchmate and his credentials goes like this: He's pretending to be an American, sounds like an Indian, speaking Spanish and lives in a palace! Hahaha... And then there's Ashanti (that's our codename for him), the ever-yabang guy on the floor and epal too. He looks like Ja Rule but if we use that name it'd be all too obvious. Then there's Ms Cheerleader, a supervisor, who's supposed to be helping us out in times that we don't know what to do, but everytime you ask for assistance she's just gonna nod you off. She's better in doing her cheerleading stint, "---- got a saaaaalee!" Ummm who else... Oh, we've got a Tim Yap too. If you see him, you'll know what I'm talking about. And Tin's crushie, the guy who's cute but for me he actually looks a bit like he's gay or something. Hahaha...

It seems like I'm trying to make up for all the days that I wasn't able to blog by flooding you with information (if it's hardly information at all) right? Okay I'll cut this off right now. Thank you for calling, have a nice day. Bye bye. ;]

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