Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Inconsiderate Considerations

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I just woke up from what was supposedly my day's dose of zzz's because my mobile phone kept buzzing nonstop. I thought they'd be mostly forwarded messages, but lo and behold! They're not! 14 messages and not one is a quote or something. All are reminders of last-minute mandatory requirements formulated by those inconsiderate professors. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I went home today and started singing to my dad, "...and now, the end is near..." (which is actually the only part of that song that I know), for I thought that all I'd have to deal with would be:
Wednesday - thesis defense
Thursday - wedding presentation (for Marriage/Theo subject)
Friday - two final exams (Education and Taxation)

Well since it appears that these professors are cramming to have us pass whatever could be graded, last-minute requirements flooded in. The I-told-the-president-so-just-spread-the-word type just sucks.

Wednesday - thesis defense
Thursday - wedding presentation, Education long quiz
Friday - submission of: scrapbook for Marketing (wherein the pattern for some parts are yet to be sent through email tonight); Humanities finals essay; Humanities movie critique paper; Taxation homework (the handouts and instruction to be give tomorrow); Self Learning Kit for Education; and still, the final exams for Education and Taxation!

Gosh, so much for being proactive and considerate! Good thing I remembered to answer the exit survey. Today's the last to do so, so...

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There's World War 4 erupting between DR Part Time Batch 2 (that's us) against the company's Finance and Force Desk Department. Will blog about this next time. Tip: Salary, mainly.

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I had a sunny disposition last night (or early morning) during my shift that I actually told David that "nothing can interfere with my sunny disposition." Well it was true, until I slept and woke up to numerous requirements. And now while doing my research on Color Psychology and Tinikling for that freakin' Humanities essay and at the same time chatting with Sam on MSN somebody goes buzzing and chats with me. Haven't heard from him from a few months now and out of the blue he asks what grad gift I'd like. That's sweet! Oh, and no, he's not an ex.

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