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Marketing Exhibit

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As mentioned on the previous post, we had this marketing exhibit for our Marketing subject, held last Tuesday. We were to be assigned with a sector of tourism (there are nine: transportation, tourism services, accommodation, events, attractions, adventure, food,--and unbelievably I forgot the other two) through drawing of lots. My group got Accommodation sector. With that, we had to look for on-going but not very popular existing promotions concerning our sector or create our own promotion, then create a marketing plan. Also, we were assigned--again through drawing of lots--of what marketing tool we would be using (examples are posters, billboards, radio ads, commercials, VCD, website, etc.). My group then got posters.

My groupmates [Cindy, Erna and Lyka] and I are really very lazy people so instead of looking for existing promos we created our own. Yes, that's a lazy thing to do. So we came up with Silid. Again, it's a Filipino room concept which aims to give our customers a feel of what it was like to reside in a traditional Pinoy room. Since we're supposed to be a marketing or maybe an advertising company, we can't claim the concept to be ours (even if it was! hmp!) because it should look like we're promoting another company's products and services. So, Silid became Artos Designs' concept. Artos is actually Lyka's boyfriend Chris' name for his 'company' (maybe in the future after he graduates with a degree in Architecture).

Marketing planning concludes with a one-day exhibit inside our college building wherein every sector for every section would have their own booth to decorate upon and try to heighten the marketing strategy. There are two sections competing so there are a total of eighteen booths.

Anyway, marketing plan began. We all did our own versions of the poster and my professor liked my proposed design and so we used it. And still being lazy, we settled for a simple booth design but nonetheless was able to capture the idea and feel of what we're promoting about. We take pride in being the group to spend the least amount for the entire marketing exhibit--from marketing tool to marketing explanation, booth design and all--we just spent a total of four hundred something pesos while some went thousands. We did not even have our poster printed by pros; I just printed them out from an Inkjet printer here at home and then put and taped them together so it'd create a 21x27 poster. And here's our booth!

The tripod with the big Silid is, of course, the poster. And except for the styro we used to make the 'capiz' windows (ako nag-line ng boxes niyan! ;P), there's pretty much nothing else that we bought. Everything else was brought from home, including our Filipiniana costumes.

Ahem, ahem. Yours truly is so proud to announce that Silid won first runner up in the Best Booth award, and AHEM AHEM we won champion in the Best Marketing Concept award! Hahaha! Astig!

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