Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brain Cells Please
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Walang sweldo. So walang masaya sa mundo. Dami pa naman gastos sa iskul dahil last week na namen next week then it's final exams na. *Sheesh.

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Tried using the new chat-inside-GMail feature of, well, Gmail. Thanks to somebody so bitter I got inspired to write a quick review. *woi peace*

Thumbs up:
:: No need to download software (there's GTalk for that matter)
:: Pop-in or pop-out option
:: Must see smileys! Not emoticons, just plain ones--see for yourself.

:: Wala! I shouldn't be comparing this with YM or MSN messenger since this isn't the IM software. Naks I'm fair and square! YM and MSN messenger is to GTalk, and the chat feature inside Gmail is to--none yet.
:: But of course there's room for improvement.

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I'm running out of brain cells. Donations please?

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