Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lost Molars
Currently feeling: Still sleepy
Listening to: an 80's song

A few days back I dreamt--while at the office's sleeping quarters, stocking up on sleep before my shift--that I lost two molars. And you know what they say about dreaming of losing a tooth: someone you know is gonna pass away, and you need to tell some people about your dream for it not to be reality. So I did.

Then a couple of days after that dream, my kuya and my cousin on their way home from gimik got held up and lost much of their stuff. My brother had to hand over his hard-earned Nokia mobile phone plus his wristwatch, my cousin, his mobile phone, wristwatch and wallet containing a few ATM cards, cash and items of sentimental value. Of course they're very much saddened about the incident, especially my kuya who bought his phone for around 25T--around two and half month's full salary. Well for me, I think they're fortunate enough that they weren't harmed at all. I told them about my dream, and they think they might have been my two lost molars, and thank God they're still here.

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