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From Thesis to Coup

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I was on a jeep on my way to school when the text exchanges began:

Thesis mate: dfens muvd wdnsday
Me: bkt dw?
TM: wlng psok db?
me: wla b?
TM: putek, wla. nsn k b?
me: nsa jip. kw?
TM: skul. suspendd kya.
me: d ko nmn alm. kla ko bkas p wlng psok.
TM: mlay. ge intay k nmen d2.
me: tengnes, dla ko p nmn lht.
TM: gnyn tlg. ge blis.
So I thought about it over and over again. At home, it's unusual for people to be switching the television on (we can live without it), much more switch it on early in the morning. Which is why I was clueless that there's suspension of classes and stuff. I was frustrated since I wanted everything to be done by this week, not the next. I wanted to have a peaceful weekend. Also, I hated it that I brought all the things I needed for our defense: the laptop, papers, plates (where the panel of judges' food would be placed), and my I'm-pretending-to-be-at-Galera clothes. What's more, I don't have plans of going home before I go to work so that means I'd bring all those crap with me to the office nang hindi man lang nagamit.

I arrived at school on the expected time and it was confirmed that thesis defense would resume Wednesday. My friends and I waited for our other thesis mates since they wanted to have a "discussion" regarding thesis. Twas nine o'clock and still no signs of them when one of them sent an SMS message: "Pauwi n kme, uwi ndn kyo ;]" *sheesh* So we decided to leave all the props at Darylle's boarding house; with Chai driving her dad's car and her boyfriend on the passenger seat, we went to Darylle's place and left our stuff. Chai then dropped us off at SM Manila (she wouldn't come with us coz her bf's kinda sleepy already) where me, Lyka and Darylle waited until the mall's opening. We went window shopping for a celphone since I really want a Nokia 6170, then went on to purchase movie tickets for Memoirs of a Geisha.

Halfway through the movie--just when Zhang Ziyi (Oh, she's Ziyi Zhang now, westernized.) started her geisha classes--Lyka goes bugging and wants to go home since it's already a state of emergency, someone sent her a message. So I said we'll just finish the movie and we'll go home. By the way, I saw the movie trailer of The Da Vinci Code and I'm still not convinced that Tom Hanks is the best bet for the Robert Langdon role!

After the movie, we went separate ways; I to the office (I am more than 6hours early) and them to their respective homes. With 6hours to spare, I leisurely had a late 2:00pm lunch at Tokyo Tokyo by myself and took an Advil--migraine, again--plus a pill. (I'm taking this pill that's sort of like The Pill, but I ain't taking it for contraceptive purposes! Ugh.) Then proceeded to the office with the guard greeting me, "Hi Ma'am, galing kang iskul?" So I'm like, "Yah kaso walang pasok." I really wanted to have some rest due to my migraine I proceeded directly to the sleeping room, taking only my mobile phone and my iRiver. Good thing I did bring my mp3 player since the guy sleeping on the mattress next to me was kinda snoring.

I plugged in the earphones to my ears and checked on my phone: 15 messages received. Hayy. Unlimitext. Then I saw that one was from my mom: "FYI bka lng d m alm. state of emrgncy s edsa. wg k daan dun." I sleepily replied: "nye lam ko nmn un no. d2 n ko opis. aga nga e. dfens wdnesday p. kainis." And then I slept. And slept. And slept. I didn't notice that I had messages again wherein one was again from my mom saying, "jan pla start ng rally, rcbc to edsa shrine. wg k nlng muna lbas ng bldg."

Well there was no need to tell me that since I was not able to even see what it's like. Naalimpungatan ako and reached for my iRiver and checked the time: 9:15. I was in doubt so I checked my wristwatch: 8:50. What?! Just ten minutes 'til my shift?! I got on my feet at once and hurried outside and searched for my batchmates on the operations floor and Philippe greeted me, "Good morning! Maleleyt ka na, login na!" I dashed to the lockers and got my headset, cheatsheets, coffee mug and my purse. I can't believe I slept so soundly for 6 hours straight...

I was starving during my 9-12mn shift since my last meal was 2pm. I patiently waited til it's midnight and hurriedly went to the pantry and ate a cheese melt burger (or whatever it was called). Just when my day--or, night for that matter--was starting to be brighter, the feeling-close-but-so-yabang-to-the-max Gersh guy from Batch 3--who once called me Trisha instead of Trina--once again made the feeling close attitude. Darn. The good thing about my shift was that the supervisors thought of having a 'promo'. Somebody who has a sale for a given timeframe will get fifty pesos. I had one so I treated myself to a McDonald's breakfast after shift. I went home afterwards, taking LRT again so as not to pass by EDSA.

My dad was up when I got home so he relayed some of the incidents yesterday concerning that state of emergency thing, after a few minutes my mom is also up so on with the stories. I was blank about what it was like so I surfed the net for news, but I had a better idea on where to read about it: Niko's blog. Haha. Known for being descriptive (plus side comments), I was able to imagine what it was like :]

I slept afterwards and got up at around 2pm and had a late lunch again, plus the pill. I was complaining to my mom why I was given that pill which is actually a contraceptive when I thought I'd be given something else. My parents laughed it off saying it's what I actually had to take according to the gynecologist. Argh. I'm ashamed when somebody sees me taking those pills; I mean they'd start thinking, "OMG she's having contraceptives. Wonder why?" Waaaaaa... Anyway, as nonchalant as I've always been, yaan na nga. This is for the betterment of my [repro] health anyways.

This is a narrative. *sheesh* I'm never good in writing something significant.

Forgiveness is not instantaneous. It's a many-layered process,
as we gradually let go of hurt, pride and bitterness.

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