Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gmail Upgrade
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The Jobs '06 job fair at UST. The companies weren't of much relevance to my course so of twenty copies of my resume, I was able to pass just four I think. And that's El Nido Resort, Philippine Airlines, and I forgot the others. Haha...

Here at Netopia now, I should actually be at PeopleSupport Center by now but I didn't feel like hanging too prematurely around the office so surf surf surf... :)

Oh hey guys, have you been paying attention to Gmail lately? Well, Google, actually. The Gmail service is getting even better. They're releasing GTalk which I haven't tried. What I'm excited about is the chat feature they'll be including in Gmail accounts. "Chat right inside Gmail!" Hmm...gotta try it when it comes out. (No Gmail account? Let me know so I could send you an invite.)

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