Sunday, March 19, 2006

Art of Taking Public Transportation

I felt uneasy as I was on my way to work last night. As I was waiting for an Ayala bound bus somewhere Malabon, there's this barker who kept asking me where I'm going, and if I needed a cab. I shook my head, but it wasn't enough for him, he really kept asking. Thing is, I was the only one he was asking. A middle aged guy is also waiting for a bus but it's only me that the barker kept on bugging. He's two feet away, standing directly in front of me, and his voice grew louder as if I'm ten feet away. "San pu kayo mam?" I avoided his eyes and scanned the area for any bus in sight, while making myself really keen on my surroundings if ever this was a distraction ploy. The questions kept coming, "Bus po ba? Aircon? Aircon po baaaa?"

After two minutes of gradually raising his voice, I finally gave him a look that says, "You are f***in annoying, I think I know where I'm going, don't ask me like I'm a lost kid." It did seem to get the message across coz he finally quit asking me and maybe he got scared that he realized that his frame is way smaller than mine (I could give him a Pacquiao effortlessly). So he turned to the taxi drivers who were already smirking at him and he said, "Eh tinatanong ko lang naman kung san pupunta e ayaw sumagot, tapos tinatanong ko pa rin pero ayaw pa din." Duh, the taxi drivers are just five feet away, how could they not know what he had been doing for the last couple of minutes?

Then came an Alabang bus and the middle aged man boarded that bus so the stubborn barker took the chance to try asking me once again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that coming so I walked off and boarded the Alabang bound bus. Sheesh.

On the bus, however, I was typically enjoying watching Jessica Soho Reports when this guy from the other side of the aisle transferred to the seat next to me. That's something I'm always doubtful about, people who transfer from one seat to another especially that their previous seat was spacious enough. So all through Imbestigador I felt all the more uneasy coz I need to--again--be very aware of what's going on. Thank God nothing, except for the fact that he gave me hard time getting out of the seat when I needed to get off the bus.

Since I usually ride the Ayala bound bus which drops me off at RCBC Plaza, I had just enough loose cash with me to get me there. Unfortunately since I got on an Alabang-Pacita bus, I got off at Ayala corner EDSA. Meaning, one more jeepney ride to the office. Holy macaroni, the jeepney queue is nowhere to be found! I saw some other people (appears like typical call center agents as well) waiting on the spot where the jeepneys should have been. I walked a bit towards Glorietta area just so I'd not be on the exact corner of the avenues. Then I remembered I did not have enough coins for a P7.50 jeepney ride! Omigosh! For a split second in my crazy mind I considered walking from EDSA to Buendia! Hahaha.

There were absolutely no jeepneys in sight and so most of us boarded an Ayala bus that went by. I was so embarassed of the fact that I paid my P10 bus fare with a P500 bill.

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