Sunday, March 12, 2006

Suggestions please?

I was right when I bade goodbye to Niko a few days ago on YM by saying "I'm off to another boring shift." It was, it was. I was counting the hours, anticipating my fifteen-minute break (for every four-hour shift). Darn. Had nothing to do but tinker with my Outlook and send spam to my batchmates. Ha ha.

Yesterday was Yana's baptism and yours truly is one of the godmothers--which I believe I am since sometimes it's me who gets awake to a crying Yana and I've no choice but to lull her back to sleep. It was a low budget reception but nevertheless intimate since we really chose our visitors. My maternal grandparents came over (all the way from Baguio) for this very special li'l girl, their apo sa tuhod.

I promised Jompy I'd plug this on my blog so here it goes. To whom this may concern.

On another topic, I can't decide on what grad gift I'd give my classmates. My original gift idea was way too expensive, but cute. [Of course I won't say what it is here for fear that my classmate(s) would find out prematurely.] Any suggestions? I have like 30 plus classmates. Also, I'd like to buy my parents a present on my graduation. Suggestions please.

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