Saturday, March 18, 2006

Unnecessary info shared unnecessarily

Yesterday, I was struck with a series of unfortunate events (hmm, that reminds me of the movie). First, I start preparing for work an hour late, therefore I left work an hour late without the chance to have dinner. Then the jeepney ride to the LRT station was really slow and had to stop by a gas station. Next, the train goes stopping every now and then since the next station is still catering to another train; at least the train driver tried his best to entertain the passengers through the delays by saying, "Wag po natin kalimutang humawak sa mga safety handrails. Iwasan po nating galawin ang mga emergency devices, may kaukulang parusa po ang mahuhuling gumalaw nito nang hindi kinakailangan, at maaari po kayong maging candidate for eviction. Makukulong po kayo ng one hundred days sa bahay ni kuya at maglilinis kayo ng tren sa loob ng isang daang araw." Haha.

Back to the unfortunate events, the jeepney ride to Ayala took forever before it set off since the driver wanted to fill up all seats first. The food in the pantry is really not so yummy, Nescafe vending machine is out of service (I had to prepare my own cup of coffee, which was absolutely unyummy as well since I don't like those sachets of coffee and cream that aren't Nescafe and CoffeeMate, respectively). So I opted for a Coke, put it in the freezer all through my shift and then when my breaktime came, it's all frozen. Argh. While still on break, I sneak through the firewalls and check on my personal email only to find out that the Chinese guy went online and sent me an email, which of course I was not able to reply to. And would probably mean he won't be online tonight. Geez.

Anyway as I check my work emails, I'm surprised that I have not heard from the Payroll department yet. Hmm. I remember my closing lines on my email. If you trash this message and do nothing about it, thank you very much, you've just given me enough for airfare. But I know you won't. This is, after all, overpay. Amazing.

Me and my batchmates seem to have run out of topics to talk about. We've discussed (or they have, with me just listening, coz they're all guys) everything from Paris Hilton video, to local starlets, to Cleopatra, the Venus-Mars thing, circumcision--ugh--of babies, pirated DVDs, Dinky Soliman issue, legality of my claim about the overpay, potty training, contact lenses, GMO food, American and Canadian visas, cheeses, blah, blah, blah. And I, with still no sales at five minutes before 1AM, am definitely bored. So I decided to draft this post while idle and thought that maybe I should go share something about myself. (I wonder why at times I'd like to be a very private person, and other times I feel like sharing. Weird.) And no, this won't be a biodata.

[+] Romance related, I have unintentionally made four guys cry. I think four lang, not more. (Or I hope so.)

[+] I actually want to be part of CSI. I love watching Forensic Files on Crime Suspense and Aircrash Investigation, Interpol Investigates on Nat Geo.

[+] I used to eat balut when I was young but stopped when I opened one with a chick, as if it's going to hatch the next day before it was cooked.

[+] I hate flirts. End of statement.

[+] If my family would be given the chance to live anywhere we want, we'd be in Switzerland.

[+] When I was young, I wanted to be a dentist because I had a case three bite.

[+] The Ring, The Eye, The--whatever. I never watch horror films.

[+] First glance: I like guys in pink shirts. I don't like bald guys.

[+] I'm practicing more to increase my fifty-five words per minute typing skills.

[+] I don't talk so much when I'm drunk; I just keep laughing, even at the silliest jokes.

[+] Physically, I want to reduce the size of my thighs, lose the abs and have an even skin tone. Laser light hair removal would be great. Contrary to what other girls like, I don't want to be snow white, nor be stick thin, nor have big boobs.

[+] When I'm mad at you, don't expect me to say a single word. I usually do this so as not to blab harsh words unintentionally, which I might regret in the end.

[+] I first rode public utility bus on my own just two years ago. Learned the art of taking public utility vehicles (except for pedicabs) after I graduated from highschool.

[+] Am an adventurous person. I usually go somewhere by myself even without knowing the exact place. But I don't think I'd win Amazing Race.

[+] The location I drove farthest was from Navotas to Tagaytay.

[+] I really think Museo Pambata is fun.

That's all I could think of right now. Maybe this should be enough. Haha. Things you don't really need to know but I'm sharing anyway. Haha. Bye. Gotta go work.

:: feeling sleepy :: listening to heart of mine :: browsing pbb website ::

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