Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lost Molars: The Result

On a post last month I said I dreamt about two molar teeth falling off. Last Sunday, two people passed away. Yes, on the same day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. First was my mom's aunt and the other was my dad's uncle (his aunt's husband). Both died of heart failure; some say it's about the season of these things again due to summer heat. My parents are off to Baguio today for the wake of my mom's aunt... Off they go.

I have finally figured out what to give my parents on my graduation day as a thanksgiving gift to them. :) I'll go and ask about (and later purchase) one-way plane tickets for both of them, Manila to Tagbilaran. My mom had been wanting to show dad Bohol (which is absolutely awesome!) ever since she had been going back and forth there because of her previous job. I think that'd be great. Thing is, I can't buy them return tickets. He-he. At least that's enough to motivate them to pursue that dream. ;)

About my overpay, I haven't heard from the payroll team, except for one reply that is directed to my request for correct payslips. The guy just said that I should refer to the system generated payslip (which was never correct) since that had been their official payslip starting this year. Geez, I was requesting for the correct ones. As for the overpay, they're still not doing anything about it. Not a confirmation, not an instruction. Nada.

I feel sick. And a bowl of Nestle Honey Gold cornflakes didn't make me any better. I gotta go.

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