Friday, March 10, 2006


Yesterday--before I spent most of my online hours revising my blog skin--I took some pictures from my mom's mobile phone. No, make that a lot of pictures... Here are a few.

And that's me, of course, home at last after my 12am - 6am shift. Next is my CareBear, purple of course, from my boyfriend (he bought it before he went back to China). I have a lot of photo of me with all types of smiles possible and I feel like posting one of my wacky guess-who poses. Here it goes, but you're not in a guessing game for this one.

Sorry, this is the best photo I was able to get from the net for the real Scary Movie face. I do resemble the face don't I? Haha.

And because I really love photos, they took this photo of me while I was sound asleep--amidst high noon. When I woke up, it's Yana making irritated sounds (signals that she wants to be carried instead of lying on her crib all day long) so there, a soon-to-be (tomorrow!) godmother and the goddaughter.

:: feeling not looking forward to my shift :: listening to your love :: browsing none ::

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