Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Okay so I was out for quite some time there. I just felt all lazy and all I wanted to do was sleep sleep sleep although these days it's hard to get forty winks due to super hot summer. Geez I wish I'd be back in Baguio already. So my last post was what, Saturday?


My work shift was supposedly 12am-8am and effective that day by 6am all agents under our department should be at the new location (old building: Robinson's Summit, coz we're rapidly growing and sharing the third floor of the PeopleSupport Center is insufficient to seat us all). Saturday night I asked a supervisor whether I should go directly to the Summit instead of the Center coz I have shift til eight. She says, "no, you'd still work here [center]" and so I did. By 2am another sup asks me, "until what time is your shift?" So I said eight, and he was like, "Why are you here? Ya should be there." I explained that the other sup told me so. The solution? I had to transfer from one building to the other! Thing is, at two and a half in the morning the jeepneys are so rare that we had to walk a good three blocks to get to the Summit. And we didn't even use the sidewalks so we were walking on the highway, good candidates for another Ayala incident. How stupid of them.

The new office was depressing! From the low ceiling, to cockroach infested pantry, to malfunctioning PCs and everything else you could think of. What's more, there was nobody from my batch so I'm there and super alone. Geez. After I logout I bought a pack of Pillows and ate it on the bus to the LRT. I was kind of disappointed to see that the usual stash of Libre wasn't there so I thought, "Kahit pala Sunday dami pa rin nagbibyahe kase eight pa lang ubos na yung Libre."

As I boarded the next train that came along and at the same time wondering why Spiderman is wearing a black suit on the third installment, I sat beside this girl who got a cute wristwatch so I was looking at it and then I noticed that the time it displayed was 6:16. I rummaged through my big bag for my celphone to check on the real time and it said 6:20. Holy sh*t! I accidentally logged out at 6am! (Is this what a depressing office does to me?!) I can't believe what just happened so I kept thinking about how could I have thought that 4pm CST was equivalent to 8am Manila time?! (4pm CST is 6am Manila) So I was thinking and thinking and thinking. When I looked up, the doors of the train were closing after the passengers got off a station: R. Papa. Oh my gosh! That's where I'm supposed to get off! Ooookaaaayyy, strike two!

By afternoon they woke me up to hear mass at our favorite church, Shrine of Jesus (The Way, The Truth and The Life) at Macapagal avenue (or near it). I asked whose idea it was, and my dad says it's my kuya's. I went and knocked on my kuya's door and said, "Aw, I have boyfriend time at 8pm." He just shrugged so I sent an SMS cancelling the bf time. :( Anyway it's okay since we really set our priorities right, always. And this family time seldom happens (unlike when we were younger) so it's okay. We had dinner at Gerry's Grill at HK Sun Plaza, still somewhere around the area.


I was at home, sleeping or watching VCDs. Taking care of tha baby. She got vaccinated so she's feverish. Poor girl. It's VCD marathon! In Her Shoes, Raise Your Voice, Flightplan and kuya watched Love Actually.


I got work so I did. Depressing office, still. When I woke up by four in the afternoon I went to Video City to return the CDs I've rented (and pay the overdue fines) and went over to my friend Jhen's house coz she's heartbroken that her partner "two-timed" her. Back home, I watched Di Que Si (click here for IMDB review) while making the still-feverish Yana sleep. (On the photo, which is also my Friendster primary photo now, is Yana with her Who Wants to Mess with Me pose)

Wednesday--that's today

Got notified, thanks to Gil, that I've been missing in action online. Haha, so here I am. Doing this recap, for the lack of things to blog about. I've done nothing yet today except for watching Oprah on Star. Sometimes I feel like a loser that all I do recently is sleep and watch TV or VCDs or DVDs. I even planned on watching One Tree Hill yesterday, but I forgot and when we switched the TV on, it's The O.C. already, so me and Jhen watched Princess Lulu on two and then Kim Sam Soon on channel seven. When I went online today I got surprised and realized that indeed it had been quite sometime since I was online coz I had three, um how do you call that, new contacts on YM, and MSN as well; three messages and few friend requests on my Friendster account; a lot of unread comments here on this blog; and comments and messages on my Buzznet.

Oh and I promised Jompy I'd plug this. We donated for this event! Yipee! And Niko, this is another La Salle thing. FYI lang. Haha.

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