Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blogging Before Sleeping Before Shift

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I'm done with thesis defense today, which surprisingly was of no pressure since the panelists that we have are really kind professors. We got like three questions from them and then they started chatting about what's-going-ons in Puerto Galera--our thesis topic--as compared to Boracay. *smiles sheepishly* At least I'm another step towards end of classes. As reward I bought myself a couple of tops and a pair of flipflops from SM and indulged in Ika Fry from Karate Kid.

Look at this, I took this shot of Yana a couple of days back while I was carrying her. She looked so cute coz she usually sleeps with one of her arms extended upwards and I guess she was really sleepy that she forgot to extend her arm all the way up. Now she looked like The Thinker. Yana, problematic? :)

Yesterday I did my [film] critique paper for which I chose The Terminal--from which I got the blog title of this blog: Life is waiting. For the people who have watched the said film, did you know that it was based on a true story? If I'm not mistaken, it was an Iranian refugee who landed in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and for some reason (I forgot what) he was not allowed to go back to his country nor set a foot on Paris. This was in late 1980's; as of September 2004, he's still at CDG airport. He was actually granted the permission to either go back or enter Paris but chose to remain there. Weird. Anyway, I learned so much about the film from doing that paper and researching on the net. Interested? Visit the site I browsed through last night. Make sure to browse through the one of the most interesting links.

On another topic, I was right that McDonald's UST would open today, the first day of the month. A weirdly over weight Ronald McDonald was roaming the campus while giving away those still-available ang pao coupons. But they opened on an Ash Wednesday so I did not order a double cheesburger. :) Aww, this is making me hungry again. Maybe I'd go have an early dinner of tinapang bangus tonight.

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