Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Smoking

On an early morning like this, aL and I were talking about smoking. And quitting. Or plans to do so.

Personally, I think smoking is very immature. And not being able to quit it would be more immature. That's too harsh to say, you're probably thinking. I don't think so.

See, everyone who starts smoking KNOWS that smoking is bad for the health. They are aware that it's addictive, that it contributes to nothing, it pollutes the air, gets you lung cancer and even is harmful for those who are near you. So why then do the people still go for it despite all the 'harmful' effects? Usually, if something is harmful, you won't do it nor try it nor even get near it. If your mom says muriatic acid is harmful when in contact with the skin, would you even try it? I don't think so.

So foremost, smoking is a matter of choice. A twisted choice. And saying that it's impossible to quit would be all the more immature because a person should be responsible for his actions. If you start something, be ready to stop it. My lolo used to smoke. He quit when his brother died of lung cancer. Should we really wait til someone dies? I dislike it that some of my loved ones smoke. And that they can't quit.

My dad smokes. My best friend smokes. My boyfriend smokes. Probably I'll be the first one to die from all the second hand smoke!

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