Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gimik with the 'rents

Yesterday my dad and I went to the bank to change money, deposit some stuff for Cielo and then headed to Robinson's Place Manila. Sa'n ka pa, my dad brought me to Let's Face It and I had a facial and he had--a follow up facial! It appears that a few days ago he had a facial courtesy of my mom so now he's having the free follow up/check-up. Haha. Since when had he been vain?! Funny. Magkatabi pa kami ng chair.

Whenever dad and I are out, people'd always stare at us and try to figure out whether we're a couple or somethin'. Because I usually walk holding my dad's hand or arm. And sometimes we bring Yana along so we look like an odd couple with a kid. Haha. You could just imagine their faces.

Anyway afterwards we picked mom up from work; it was raining hard in Makati last night. We then went to the Sky Lounge (27th floor, Diamond Hotel) for that night's live entertainment by a group called Arpie and the Multivitamins. They're really good. Their voice blending's so nice and they actually don't have a repertoire, they just ask what songs the people want to hear and sing it. Astig diba. The show was nonstop: 9-ish til 1am!

Was glad to have went on a night out with my parents. We had lots of talks--I missed those! Talks over Bailey's and gin tonics haha. Ayos diba? We talked about everything from work, to layovers to relationships (mine and kuya's) so there... aL's too curious tuloy. Haha.

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