Thursday, August 02, 2007

The blog and the phone

I just finished editing Al's new blog's layout and he's so-so about it. Anyway I love it although I can't think of anything else to put. And the cursor, omg it's so...cartoon. He's got this Xanga page way, way back and I read through it and...ulp. Okay.

He's probably driving to work now and won't be IM-ing me til he gets there.

We (well actually, he) just got new phones! We got this myFaves Family plan at T-Mobile and he got a Dash while I settled for a Razr V3. And he actually picked the dragon-etched Miami Ink edition of the V3 for me... That's so girly, isn't it? Haha. Anyway, he says it looks good (uh-huh...) so that's alright. If there had been the pink Miami Ink edition, I would've chosen that. But between the gray and the magenta plain V3, I'll go for the non-magenta! Heehee. Before we forget, thanks to Marco for waiving the activation fee x)

So there, Eisel, I'm sure we'd be text pals and stuff. I still don't know what my number is so I'd just message you guys when I do. Haha. He told me the number but being the most forgetful person on random info, I forgot. x)

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