Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bonding over laundry

Haha! I'm in SF (well, actually in DC: Daly City) now and just spent the first day (arrival day) til the wee hours. Hehe.

A delayed OZ 214 flight arrived a little before noon Tuesday, and went straight to the hotel somewhere downtown SF. I actually planned to go out upon arrival since aL would pick me up by dinnertime pa. But then I realized that my jacket and my shoes are still with aL so my polo shirt and flip flops won't last 20 steps in the windy weather. Poor me. I wanted to shop at Ross and Marshall's pa naman.

aL called up once I got to the hotel while I put my legs up to prevent varicose veins. I never knew I fell asleep til my feet started to hurt as they were white as snow. Haha. Few minutes before 7 he's picked me up already and we headed to their home in Daly to get my jacket and shoes and to drop off my things. We waited til his mom got home and we, together with the dog--the cute pom--Sid, went to dinner at an Italian resto called Olive Garden at Stonestown Galleria.

After, we went to rent some DVDs and we dropped off his mom and Sid back at DC. Then we went and picked up Mark and hanged out at Starbucks. Talked about girls' behaviors over Raspberry Mochas. Yea right, it's a guy talk and I'm there. Haha.

When we got back home (ui naki-"home" e no?) we watched Are We Done Yet? while doing laundry in between. Finally my uniform and apron smelled like they were clothes! ...and we still haven't slept. We've been talking. Never knew laundry could get people talking?!

Oh, and I finally have with me the phone that he bought. But we're still goin to the shop tomorrow to look at the pink cherry-blossoms-engraved version. :)

(Posted on Wednesday, 4:30 am SF time.)

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