Sunday, August 19, 2007


I confirm it. The 201/202 day flights of Asiana from/to LA is one of the worst and most difficult. Now I understand when they say their next flight is Hell-A.

+ + +

We arrived in Seoul 6-ish in the evening. You could imagine my smile when the captain announced we're half an hour from Seoul. Haha. I was lucky though, my workmates in my zone are really nice.

Upon arriving at the hotel I wanted to wash my clothes pa, but dang, I really don't have the energy. For a while I chatted with my mom asking how Hell-A went. Precious just came over and chatted for a while at the same trying to study for tomorrow's recurrent training. Then I took a really hot shower coz I stink already from that Hell-A flight. I waited til midnight to wake aL up coz I said I would, but he wouldn't get up and my world's spinning already so I went to bed. Eyes shut tight for 6 straight hours and then I awoke by 6-ish and had breakfast.

Then I saw Ellaine and Ninya so we went to church after I did my laundry. Went to Myeong Dong Cathedral but was half an hour late for mass. Haha. Then as per Elle's pleas, we went by Baskin and Robbins and had ice cream.

+ + +

I've been away from home for five weeks now. I miss home.

+ + +

I forgot how to study. Should be studying now but I really can't get myself to. Darn.

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