Thursday, August 16, 2007


On my first LA layover!

I sent my mom's friend (Tita Marissa) a message coz mom wants me to meet up with her, have dinner or something. But then I'm now here at her place and will prolly be spending the whole layover here, getting toured around by--not her--her son Chuck and his friend/housemate Shawn. Both nineteen-ers, I've been calling them "kiiiiiids" since yesterday! Haha.

We went to grab In and Out burger yesterday for dinner and headed home. Tried watching The Number 23 but I was really tired and sleepy. Talked to aL before goin' to sleep and then I was knocked out.

So there I just got up from a deep sleep coz it was really good. Their house is reaaaally nice. There's a pool, big ass TVs and the works. I dunno where we're headed today. Maybe Six Flags. This isn't really in LA, I'm not sure if it's Santa Clarita or somethin' so my Hollywood/Universal Studios dreams would have to wait. :)

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