Saturday, August 04, 2007

Special Event service

Yesterday I flew what probably was the busiest flight I ever flew. There's not a single second where I could think about taking a seat, nor getting myself a glass of water, nor retouch my makeup.

We had this "special event" service as the cabin manager called it. I think it was inappropriate to have extra services on a four-hour flight. Anyway, upon boarding time, along with newspapers, we were serving ice cream to kids. Haagen-Dazs, to be exact. Imagine how messy it was, and also of course the kids get thirsty right after a cup of ice cream so there were a lot of drink orders as early as boarding time.

After takeoff, we proceeded to do the usual stuff and served meals. Usually, it'd be an almost idle time after meal service, but yesterday we had to collect boarding passes and do a raffle draw. Then, a cocktail drink service. Then, cake service. Then, a Polaroid service. By the time this was finished, we had just started giving out the immigration/customs documents to passengers. All these, leaving us barely an hour to get other things done.

We still have to eat, prepare service items for the return team, etc. But everytime I take a spoonful of my crew meal, passenger calls would ding. Exactly after doing everything, captain announces that we've started descent. Landing preparations, immediately. Sheesh.

The manager told me I've forgotten to smile the whole flight, well, I don't care. Who could, anyway?

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