Saturday, August 04, 2007

Senti on the beach

On my way to my usual buffet dinner tonight, I passed by front desk and noticed I was a little early for the dinner so I made a little detour and took the trail to the shoreline. I've always loved Saipan for the wonderful beach and mostly Filipino people. It so feels like goin home. I love beaches, not necessarily going bikini-clad though. Sitting on the sand doing nothing is just so relaxing--watching the sun, listening to the waves...

Tamang senti. The sun was almost setting and the people are packing up, the jetskis off to storage, banana boats deflated. While everyone was heading back to their hotels I'm walking towards the water. Then I sat there and thought things over. A sunset on the beach is the most idyllic atmosphere to think. *my opinion*

It started to rain a little and good thing I was wearing a top with a hood so I just wore the hood and sat there. I couldn't care less.

+ + +

"What you don't know won't hurt you." Do you believe this?

+ + +

Darn. Nadedepress ako. I'm starting to miss home even more. In down times like these--when you don't know why you're sad or you don't want to talk about it--a peck on the cheek from Yana, or a hug from dad, or a dessert with Nanay, or a drive with kuya, or chika moments with Mika, or even an USTe talk with Miko would surely lift me up.

Sigh. I hope going to the church tomorrow would perk me up.

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