Thursday, August 16, 2007


Whew! Just got back at Tita Sasa's home. Me and the kids, er, the guys went to Six Flags and tired ourselves out. It's the Looney Toon counterpart of Disneyland. Darn! There's a lot of people. Given that it's summer break but still, it's a Wednesday! I don't know but all the people seemed to have come out and went there.

The first ride we went to, X, had us in line for about 3hours but anyhow Chuck says it's the best ride there so we just had to ride it. @#$%! It felt like jumping off a cliff face down or skydiving or something. Then we ate and then a few more rides. We usually had to leave our bags somewhere and take our shoes off coz it'd fly somewhere if we don't. Some rides have your feet hanging so I wouldn't want to be going home without shoes on...

Then the guys went playing games, y'know those where you win prizes and stuff. Then they bought Batman and Superman capes. Those kids--oh, guys--were crazy ones, I tell you. Then there's this one ride where Shawn gets to be seated next to a girl who fires up a conversation. For a little while, he can't get over the fact that she's fifteen. He says he just can't do her. If you know what I mean. Riiiight. So I just said, "Shut up and leave the sophomore behind. Get over it." Haha.

The weather's darn too hot that all over the park there were sprinklers around to freshen people up or else people'd die of dehydration and heatstroke. Good thing I was just wearing shorts. I now even have tan lines on my arms. Darn, why was I wearing something sleeved anyway? My shoulders' color is now different from the rest of my arms! Haha. Hopefully the guys'd go surfin' tomorrow so maybe I could tag along and get the right tan at the right places. Haha.

I feel so wasted already. And it's just 6pm.

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