Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pick up line-d.

I forgot to mention this on the previous post. Yesterday as Mica, MM and I were walking along Hong Dae area trying to find a Sam Gyeop Sal place, a man in longsleeves and tie approaches and talks to us in Korean. I actually understood the first that went something like, "Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt, but would you mind if..." and then I never really understood what followed. So we said, "Huh? Sorry can't speak Korean." We could have said that sentence in Korean but really chose not to, so that he'd just drop whatever he has in mind and walk away.

But no, he stands there and asks in English, "Um.. you.. understand.. little Korean?" To which we said, "No." He still stands there gathering probably all the English words he knows. "But you guys speak English?" I swear I must've given him the duh-don't-you-think-so look. Mica was quick to say a condescending "Yeeeess." After a few more seconds he finally says, "Uh.. Little coffee time, okay?" Oh-kaay. Now we get it. The answer, of course, was a "No, sorry.."

Up until we were having dinner I was still shaking my head about what happened. But actually, we admire his guts! I mean, not being able to talk in English but still trying? Dude, that's astig!

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