Monday, August 06, 2007

Move over Friendster?

The indecisive aL had had his blogskin changed for the third time since he created his blog (which is not even a week old). Haha. I've been editing since forever and finally convinced him to use the header he's using on his Multiply site and I'll customize the body. He's got to do the codes if he wants to edit it again. Hmp!

I just took a break from doing that by going out with Mica and MM to have dinner. So sad Precious isn't with us, na naman. We had sam gyeop sal and kal bi chim, each of us paying about $13 each. But man, we're so stuffed we can't even walk! Then we wandered around and visited Hey Day, a novelty shop. I got this celphone neckstrap that says "New York City" so aL could choose between that and the "Italy" one that Mica bought in Manila. Whatever.

I should be asleep now but I've just finished adding a tagboard on his site so it kinda took me some time. I'm off tomorrow for the third installment of my San Francisco flights collection. Hay. SFO flights are difficult. Dang!

Got a chance to chat with a former boylet last night, and yea he's still bitter about us. I dunno, he shouldn't be coz it isn't my fault in the first place. Hmf. It's. O. Ver. Why can't people understand that? It's over when I say it's over.

Aanywaaay... Seems like a lot of people are joining Multiply nowadays. I've been added by a lot of people lately. Is it the new craze, like Friendster before? Anyway I just use it to store photos, just in case my HDD crashes or something.

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