Thursday, August 09, 2007

Every single minute!

aL and I are almost wrapping up our second day coz we intend to sleep earlier than we did the previous, er, morning. We never went anywhere fancy nor tourist-y but I really enjoyed today. I had a lot of firsts today.

Karaoke. After having coffee for breakfast, aL sets up the Magic Mic and sang until I did. Honestly, I never sing with a mic in front of me. Like, never. Okay maybe I did, like once, when I sang "Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman" during my 18th birthday. I'm surprised I'm so comfy that I actually sang--not a song--but songs. Plural.

We pretty much did all his errands today. We headed to get aL's Mustang repaired at Serramonte Ford, and to kill time while waiting for it, we shopped at Target and had brunch at Sizzlers. Then, we headed for their head office, went to the bank, then sent money back home, then had a carwash. I must've looked like a wide-eyed girl looking up at big stuffed toys while being so amazed with the carwash procedure. Y'know, the one where you're inside the car and the car moves slowly through the carwash process, high pressure water, rubber buffers and all. C-O-O-L. Oh and hey, I got to fill up the gas tank too. (As you all know, it's self service in gas stations here in the US.) Awesome!

Then we went to exchange my Razr at Marco's work (T-Mobile). I wanted the pink cherry blossoms-engraved one instead of the grey with dragon but unfortunately all SF stores had run out of it already. So there we settled for a plain magenta.

After that we stopped by Target again coz aL has to pay something for his mom then we went to the supermarket to buy a looot of things. We were having barbecue for dinner and aL invited his friends over so the barbecue dinner turned to a barbecue party instead. We were actually running out of time coz we got home around 8-ish and we haven't marinated the meat yet! Aw.

Anyway when Marco and Shikes came I've finished doing the marinade and aL started barbecue-ing. A few more minutes later his mom arrived and we did the tilapia thing and she deep fried some lumpia too. Raymond came a little after that. Boy, the food was great!

I enjoyed every single minute of this day. Thanks hun.

(Posted on Thursday at 1:11 am, DC time.)

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