Monday, August 27, 2007

Weeks, months, years

Hmm I just got home.

Earlier, I woke up at noon, had lunch and then spent the entire afternoon in front of the pc teaching Mika how to transfer songs to her mp3 player, and to upload photos from the digicam. Then off we go to hear mass at Manila Cathedral and later on had dinner with paternal grandparents and tita Doris and two of her daughters. 'Twas Kuya's birthday dinner treat to Lolo and Lola.

By the time we got home it was around 10-ish but Miko and I went to a wake; my HS classmate's lola passed away. When I arrived there, there were a few of our batchmates too: Alvin, Godfrey, Paulo, Iien and John Paul. All were guys, but no worries for me though, I'm one of the boys so I mingled well. We were doing flashbacks about our alma mater--circa kindergarten til HS days! Hysterically laughing about a lot of things... Fun, fun, fun.

Iien and Paulo accompanied me goin' home (3-ish in the morning), then my phone rings and it's Dre. Small talk. Said he was just browsing through some stuff and saw my Friendster cut to the chase he was just happy that I am happy.

And by the way...
...aL and I are celebrating our first month together (well, not physically though)! Wee. I dunno if we should still celebrate monthsaries or we're too old for that? Well anyway, whichever. Hopefully, more months and years to come. Love you, hun!

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