Saturday, August 11, 2007

Balcony Effect

I'm back in Seoul. *sigh* So here's how we spent my last day in SF/DC:

Woke up earlier than aL coz I was having a terrible migraine and so I had breakfast alone. We were supposed to go to downtown SF at Union Square coz I haven't been there but we practically have spent half the day already and we left the house by 2pm na. He's got band practice at 4 so driving to and fro downtown may not be worth it.

Anyway we get another carwash for the reason I don't know. We pass by what looks like Libingan ng mga Bayani and guess what, we went inside! Haha. Trip. I haven't been to the Libingan ng mga Bayani so dun nalang: Golden Gate National Cemetery. There are like a loooot of tombstones; it oddly reminded me of pineapple plantations in Tagaytay. Lotsa photos coz aL's gettin' comfy with D.

Then we went to get a dozen of Krispy Kremes that he owed me for editing his blog template. We stopped at See's Candies factory outlet too and we bought two one-pound boxes of assorted chocolates to bring home--one for my family and one for his sibs in Manila.

We then headed to Mark's house where band practice is supposedly at. We find Alner and Chance on the videogames, Mark on the phone and other band members inexistent so after an hour or so we went ahead and went to Tanforan instead. I did some window shopping while aL actually shopped. (Baliktad na mundo?)

From Tanforan, we headed back to their home and met up with his dad and hopped on to the truck (geez, I can't remember car models!) to go fetch his mom too. It was Meet the Parents dinner night so... Haha. It's the first time aL and I actually got to sit on the backseat wehehe so pictures together =P Oh, actually it was me-Sid-aL seating arrangement. Haha.

We went quite far for a dinner--Milpitas, CA. A hotpot dinner, to be exact. We ate a lot haha. His parents were really nice :) His parents used his mom's car so they detoured to a Walgreens store while we detoured to get Starbucks on the way home.

I started uploading the photos on his PC once we got back to their house and then had the Balcony Effect (talks over hot bevs sa balcony). More sighs.

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