Friday, August 31, 2007

August '07 Days Off

Haha. I'm starting to be a tardy blogger as aL is.

Tuesday, August 28
Went to see Jhen and did my usual routine at their place: tindera for a day in their sari-sari store. I really enjoy doing it, I swear. Then off I went to lola's house for my cousin Bob's 18th birthday dinner treat. Then later that night all of us cousins had to beg lola to let us stay for an hour more coz we're in for a serious exclusive cousin-talk. Lola was surprised when one of us went down to get a bucket of ice and she figured out that we're having alcoholic drinks. We were like, "Lola, your youngest apo just turned legal, don't expect we all still crave for milk..." Hehe. Chatted and talked to aL when I got home. All the other people went straight to bed coz they're tipsy, while I'm wide awake coz I didn't drink. I'm allergic to alcoholic bevs.

Wednesday, August 29

Me, Lyka, Darylle and Chai

Kuya's 24th. I went to meet my college friends; we had lunch at Dencio's at Jupiter street. Gawd how I missed those girls. After lunch, Darylle had to head back to work and Chai went home to Cavite. Meanwhile, me and Lyka had a few more hours to spare so I treated her to a foot scrub at Piandre at PeopleSupport building. We split up after having McNuggets and I went to Nanay's office and loitered there while waiting for kuya to pick us up for dinner.

Our whole family plus kuya's gf.

Had dinner buffet at Diamond Hotel's Palm Court Cafe. Kuya's budget is tight so dinner was my treat. It became my night routine to chat/call aL upon getting home.

Thursday, August 30
I'm the babysitter coz Yana's yaya is sick. Had to do everything. Then Tatay, Yana and I went to Robinson's Place Ermita to help Tatay run some errands and I got to buy aL a shirt he'd probably like, and bought myself a shirt too, from Happy Days. Afterwards headed to Makati coz dad had to meet a client, leaving me all helpless with the hyperactive little girl, while doing groceries at Rustan's. Then fetched mom from work and headed home. Meloisa, my HS friend, came over sans May coz she fell asleep.

I'm leaving tonight.

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